This privacy policy applies to information collected online from users of this website. In this policy, you can learn what kind of information we collect, when and how we might use that information, how we protect the information, and the choices you have with respect to your personal information.

Collection and usage of information

All the information collected through our user, web server logs and cookies is kept and used only to improve your experience with the website. This information is put to use in order to return to you, relevant resources and results, personalized to your usage preferences. No information or data is ever shared with any third party unless the sharing is demanded by those authorized to by law.

User supplied information: Please do not share any sensitive information like passwords, license number, passport number, credit card details etc. over chats or any other form that you fill on the website. In most instances, we would only request from you your public information like the email address or telephone number. Submission of any sensitive information shall be your own responsibility and we shall not be liable for any consequences.

Any information that we collect through forms or online chat shall be used to respond to your query or for marketing our services to you in the future. Should you not like to receive any marketing communication through these channels, the ability to opt out is always available to you in the form of unsubscribing.

Web server logs: Some bits of information is automatically collected by the webserver and saved electronically into the database; this is mainly a tracking of information about your visit to the website and may include things such as the following


  •         Your IP address
  •         Name of your ISP
  •         Visitors’ city from where they are accessing the website
  •         Browser type in us
  •         Data for clicks on the website pages or contents
  •         Time and date for website visit
  •         The route you had for reaching to us; the website from which you redirected to ours
  •         Pages visited on the website by you

This information has its use for maintaining the website’s security and improving user’s experience.

Cookies: The data obtained through cookies helps us customize the website service as per your needs and taste. The way cookies work is that they are sent through the web server in order to be saved on your computer’s hard disk.  This acts as a little identifier for you by which we enable a better navigation of the website for you. You may choose to disable cookies by visiting the settings on your own computer.


According to this Privacy Policy, your continued usage of this website is an indicator of your consent to using cookies or similar technology now and in future.


Third-party Services: We may use third party services to better understand how the visitors are using the website. In the process of your visit, these services may collect information like the IP address or cookies from you. This collection of information is anonymous and aggregated for all users; sole purpose is to establish the understanding of web traffic trends without identifying each user

Services like advertising and of displaying content products and services relevant to your profile, using third party service providers. These third parties may share information such that it allows us to understand your website usage habits and interests so that we are able to better target our communication to the clients. None of the personal information you share voluntarily with us is shared with third party advertisers, ad servers or ad network.

You are free to opt out of collection and use of this form of information by changing the settings on your system.

DO NOT TRACK (DNT) requests or signals in browsers do not change or alter our web services in any form. We use and track user data only to enhance user experience by understanding your website usage and to target our advertising and marketing efforts to the right users; this information is collected through the web server logs and the cookies.

Protection of Personal information

The website is protected with appropriate security techniques and methods so as to safeguard any personal information you might have submitted to us against unauthorized access. However, no one can guarantee absolute protection of the data should any unauthorized individual is able to trick the system to get your information.

Information accessibility

Any information that we request or track from your use of the website, is absolutely unavailable for sale, lease or renting to third parties other than the following

  •         Website contractors and vendors or agents who may use the information on our behalf as a result of their relationship with us.
  •         In case your legal matter cannot be addressed by our team and we are aware of another affiliate who might be in a better position to help, we would refer you to them and share your details and information with them.
  •         By legal requirements in case of public security or policy by law of the land and as a business asset in case of transfer of ownership (by mergers or acquisitions)

Deleting of personal information to opt out of future advertising campaigns?

Should you like us to delete your personal data available with us, please contact us via call, email or a personal visit. We shall be happy to address your queries and entertain requests about

  •         The data we have about you, if any
  •         Corrections and amends to the data we have of you
  •         deleting the data available with us
  •         opting out of future communication

Please visit this space to be updated about any changes in our privacy policy and do not hesitate to get in touch should you have any other queries.