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From around the world, several people seek protection from the government of the United States. The reason being the fear of persecution due to their linkage with a certain creed, case, religious group, nationality, or political school of thought. Hence they apply for asylum. In case you are also aiming to file such an application and are in need of the most experienced attorneys in Housten, contact us at the earliest, as we provide you with the preeminent services in this regard.

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The cost that you would incur would primarily include the attorney’s fee and the court charges. However, the attorneys at He's My Lawyer charge you only when the case reaches closure, with no upfront payment.

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In case you are at fault in a case, you can always hire help to reach a middle ground with the affected party. In such a situation, our experienced lawyers play the role of mediators in managing the settlement.

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A free consultation includes an initial review of the case by the most suitable attorney; this round gives you a chance to explore all legalities surrounding the case and the lawful alternatives available.

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The procedure for requesting asylum is particularly demanding. It requires in-depth interviews with the US state officials, where one can be deported in case of a dissatisfactory case. This is exactly the reason why you need an experienced immigration lawyer on your side who knows the tactics and ways to avoid all the possible deportation aspects. He’s My Lawyer has Houston’s best immigration attorneys on board who are adept at handling cases to help you gain the required legal status. Coupled with expertise and knowledge about the necessary documentation, He’s My Lawyer can prove to be your best legal counsel and partner.

Your free consultation awaits, where we make sure to help you understand all the necessary details. Contact us, as we are just a call away (832-735-5444).

Claiming Asylum In USA

The United States of America welcomes people and accepts them for asylum, provided that they meet the eligibility criteria. The application for the process is free of cost and has to be initiated by filling out the Form I-589, Application for Asylum, and Withholding of Removal. You may like to add your spouse and children at the same time, within the same application. A few conditions for the children’s age have to be met. For instance, all children must be under 21 years and unmarried.

In 2019, the Trump government issued a rule as per which the asylum requests could be made at only a few designated ports of entry. As per the same rule, the criteria to accept applications or cases was made more strict, of course, for restricting the number of applications coming in.

Imagine the value of top-quality immigration lawyers in such cases, who know every bit of the process and can guide you on how to apply for asylum. The attorneys at He’s My Lawyer fight your case with dedication to leave no stone unturned, and they try their level best to avoid every deportation chance for you and your family.

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