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Car Accident

As a high traffic city in Texas, Houston roads are prone to great risk of accidents and collisions. Even in case of a minor casualty, we put in our best efforts to ensure you get compensated for the loss inflicted upon you. Our professionally trained staff that is experienced in handling cases involving vehicle damage as well as death as a result of the accident. At HesMyLawyer, we take an aggressive approach to ensure the compensation is recovered for damage caused.

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As your legal counsel, we assure you to represent and defend your stance fully before the court. We are not just lawyers but your partners in seeing the case through to closure. If you find yourself in a situation that requires us to mediate, do not hesitate to call, email or visit us with the concerns and we would make sure to help.

Protecting Financing

Collaborative Law

Not all cases need end in punishment, there is always fair settlement possible; in the form of financial compensation or in covering expense to mend the physical damage done to an asset for instance. HesMyLawyer is your alibi in assuring you the settlement that is fair and compensates for the damage.


Dispute Law

Our team of professionally accomplished attorneys ensure that should both parties be willing, a settlement is reached between the parties outside the court. If matters can be handled amicably, why not, we are here to moderate the process on your behalf.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of the case?

The cost you would incur would primarily include the attorney’s fee and the court charges. However, the attorneys at HesMyLawyer charge you only once the case has reached closure, no upfront payments are required

What if I am guilty of negligence?

In case you are at fault in a case, you can always hire help to reach a middle ground with the affected party. Our experienced lawyers play the role of mediators in managing the settlement in such a situation.

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Case Studies

Areas we cover

From cars to SUVs, buses to trucks and even smaller vehicles like scooters and bicycles, our team of experienced frontline car accident attorneys would see you through to settlement.  Supported by a team of special investigators, our lawyers take charge of Houston car accidents that have resulted in

–          Asset/property damage

–          Vehicle repair/replacement

–          Medical bills for any hospitalization involved

–          Lifelong injury or disfiguration

–          Trauma caused due to the incident


Why us?

In an unfortunate event of a car accident, you need some who has a holistic knowledge about the laws governing traffic movement as well as the compensation for general, special and punitive damages to the plaintiff. Our team of highly qualified, professional car accident lawyers have in-depth knowledge about

          Rules & restrictions for the movement of heavy vehicles within the cities 

          Evidence and supporting document requirements to proceed with the case

          Economic loss calculation

          Technical know-how of the vehicle’s functions in order to better investigate the occurrence of the accident.

We also offer FREE OF COST initial consultation to develop your understanding of the case, legal dynamics and the action steps. We will make sure to address your queries regarding, but not limited to

          What to expect from a car accident settlement?

          What happens if you are at fault in a car accident?

          What to do if you get into a car accident without any injuries?

          Compensation value from car case settlement

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Free Consultancy

We offer our prospective clients an opportunity to have their case reviewed for legal details, through a free-of-cost initial consultancy.

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