Family Based Immigration

Family based Immigration

There are several ways through which you can obtain legal entry into the United States of America. One of those ways is to be sponsored by a family already settled in the U.S. as a legal resident and citizen. While there is special law governing this method, a good immigration lawyer can make the process smoother and make the right efforts to obtain favorable results.

If you are looking for a qualified, experienced immigration attorney, HesMyLawyer is the destination you were searching for.

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If you have decided to visit or move into the United States of America and have a family member who can be your sponsor into the country, you have passed one important step in the entire process. An American citizen relative or family member is your sponsor as well as your guarantee to the government. Also, since this is a legally permissible way to enter, a lot of initial complexity is done away with.

Next, you need a very strong and competent ally, an attorney who is an experienced immigration lawyer to see you through the entire process. With the sheer amount of documentation and the preparation for the interview, experience, expertise and in-depth knowledge of pre-requisites is the key.

At HesMyLawyer, we have a team of competent immigration attorneys who know the process, understand the documentation requirements for the sponsor and the person seeking immigration and also have a knack for preparing you to handle the questions well in front of the authorities. If you meet all eligibility requirements and have a clear record, we assure you of a smooth sailing with our experienced lawyers and wish you good luck in obtaining the visa.

What Is Family Based Immigration?

Under the United States Immigration laws, as a citizen of the state, you can petition for a relative or a family member to gain entry into the country. One must however fulfil one of these requirements as a sponsor

          Citizen of United States

          Green card holder

          Asylee or refugee admitted into the country within last two years

Falling into any of these categories, you may nominate your spouse to be (fiancé) or even a child you intend to adopt in the near future. The sponsoring relative however has to be at least 21 years in age and can file a case for spouse (current and to-be), children (real or adopted), parents and siblings. It is important to mention however that there are a few restrictions and limitations on the type of relations that U.S. citizens and U.S. legal permanent residents can apply this immigration for. Needless to say that only your legal counsel with enough knowledge and experience would be your best and most dependable guide.

At HesMyLawyer, we provide all prospective immigrants a first feel consultation session. Should you have finalized your decision to travel to the U.S.A, please reach out to us via email or call and book your appointment today.

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