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Naturalization & Citizenship

As a foreign national who has moved to the United States of America, it is only natural to set your eyes on the goal of becoming a legal citizen of the American state. And in the process of doing so, you need the support of an experienced professional who can see you through the process.

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Naturalization is a process by which you gain permanent citizenship in the United States of America. However lucrative it is, let’s not forget that the American laws for citizenship and nationality are complex and the documentation required for gaining naturalization is detailed and rather demanding. Only an experienced attorney who can help you with managing the documents and filing the case is one valuable resource in the entire matter.

The skillful lawyers at HesMyLawyer have years of experience in handling similar cases to their credit. This gives them a natural advantage over the others offering their services to make the experience smooth from the beginning till the end; our clients who have experienced the services are a testimony to the quality of legal counsel and services they receive.

We offer a free of cost, first consultation session so that we and also you can understand your case and the legal alternatives in detail and move forward equipped with all necessary information.

When Does Naturalization Become an Option

A green card is not citizenship; it is a legal permanent residency. Citizenship or naturalization, on the other hand, is a condition whereby a Green Card holder acquires the same rights as the American national born and bred in the U.S.A. However, there are a couple of requirements for eligibility for naturalization.

First, the person applying for naturalization has to be 18 years of age at the time of applying. Second, the applicant has to be a Green Card holder and that too for at least five years in a row. Once you meet the criteria, you can prepare to fill out the N-400 application, the official naturalization application.  The application requires submission of documents such as evidence of eligibility and passport size photographs. That is where the involvement of an expert attorney would prove the worth. Later, before you appear for the interview, your lawyer has to prepare you well as your legal advisor and counsel.

The team at HesMyLawyer has some of the U.S. most qualified and experienced lawyers on board; partnering with them would prove to be one of the best decisions you would take to manage your procedures for naturalization with you.

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